Mobillor Industry 4.0 Suite

Revolutionizing Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Mobillor Industry 4.0 Suite of solutions serve as a bridge connecting the dots from the shop floor to Shipment, enabling both horizontal and vertical integration across the value network. This transformative journey facilitates IT-enabled mass customization, propelling manufacturing processes to new heights through the power of IoT platforms.

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At the heart of revolutionizing manufacturing and distribution lies the comprehensive suite of Mobillor Products and Solutions

Digital Transformation Catalyst

Mobillor spearheads digital transformation, fostering collaboration between humans, machines, and materials. We drive real-time traceability and process control, serving as the bridge for Industry 4.0. Our focus on workforce optimization and asset communication ensures seamless integration across devices, promoting a versatile experience.

Connectivity and Transparency

End-to-end connectivity beyond organizational borders defines our commitment. Mobile apps, IoT, machine integrations, and AI enhance traceability through barcode, QR code, and RFID. Core values like transparency, proactivity, and simplicity guide our innovative approach in Smart Manufacturing.

Holistic Suite

Explore Mobillor’s comprehensive suite—Digital Supplier, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Service, and Distribution solutions. Seamlessly integrating with ERPs like SAP, Oracle, and others, we enhance operational efficiency. Our solutions adapt to industrial devices, ensuring versatility and precision with advanced technologies.

Cutting-Edge Integration

Mobillor’s solutions harness cutting-edge tech—mobile apps, IoT, machine integrations, and AI. Drive traceability using barcode, QR code, and RFID, ensuring accuracy. Versatile integration with Zebra, Honeywell, and Cipher devices provides a unified, efficient experience.

Micro Services Agility

Our Micro Services approach delivers agility, personalization, and modular scalability. Whether on cloud or on-premise, the seamless integration aligns with customer needs. Start small, scale rapidly, and adapt with ease to evolving business landscapes.

Cloud and On-Premise Deployment

Mobillor offers flexibility with deployment on both cloud and on-premise environments. Experience agility and scalability, starting small and expanding as your business grows. Our solutions epitomize innovation, transforming manufacturing and distribution in the Smart Manufacturing era.

Be a Part of the Future with Mobillor

In this era of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0, Mobillor Products and Solutions stand as beacons of innovation and transformation, championing efficiency, transparency, and connectivity for manufacturing and distribution enterprises worldwide.

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